Are you a barber shop?

Not exactly. The truth is there isn't a simple category for what G.O.A.T. is.  We are part barber shop, part men's salon, part family haircut store. We try to offer a range of services that we feel many men are looking for, from routine haircuts to straight shaves and beard trims, from mini-facials to ear/nose/brow waxing and scalp treatments.

How do the unlimited memberships work?

Sign up, then come as often as you need! It's that simple. Your membership is valid at all G.O.A.T. locations. You can cancel at anytime. See more by clicking the button below.

How are your memberships billed?

We offer annual and monthly auto-renewing memberships. Annual memberships are paid up front, 12 months at a time. Monthly memberships are paid monthly. When you sign up for a membership, we collect a credit or debit card and add it to our system.

Can I freeze my membership?

At this time our system does not offer this feature. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Walk-ins or appointments?

Both! It's a scheduling challenge but we try to always have a couple of people available to take walk-ins at all times. During busy moments there may be a wait. You can also schedule appointments in advance. Do this in person, by phone, or online. Use this link below.

Do you hire barbers or stylists?

Some of both, actually. Many of people on our team are licensed as both barbers and cosmetologists, allowing them to perform all of our services. Anyone licensed as only one or the other are only allowed to perform the services for which they are currently licensed.

Are you hiring?

We are always looking for great people! Please visit our Careers page and get in touch if you think you're a good fit.

Are you a franchise?

Not at this time. All of our locations are company-owned.

Do you offer discounts?

Occassionally we circulate coupons, but we don't keep any at our stores. If you have a coupon, we will always honor it. Additionally we offer a permanent 30% off discount on all services and products for military, police, fire, and EMT. They are heroes and it's the least we can do. We only ask that you provide proof with ID. These benefits are for the servicemen only.

Do you only cut men's hair?

We specialize in cutting men's hair. This is what we train for and what we spend our time doing. However we always accept clients of any gender, age, race, or sexual orientation. Please understand that our skills are focused on men's hair. A surcharge is added to all hair shoulder length or longer, regardless of gender.

Is my credit card information safe?

Yes. We do not store your credit card information at our stores or even in our computers. When we swipe your card to store it (for monthly membership billing) your information is stored by our PCI compliant merchant processing partner.